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Elliot Wave Analysis Workshop by Mr. Manoj Kumar ( 2018/09/29 To 2018/10/01 )

Elliot Wave Analysis Workshop

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Place: Ahmedabad

Date: 2018/09/29 To 2018/10/01

Time: Morning 10.00 AM to Evening 5.00 PM ( With Lunch and Tea Breaks)

Speaker: Mr. Manoj Kumar

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• Program Highlights

1. Introduction of Elliott Wave Theory
2.Classification of Waves and Waves degree Titling
3.Essential Tenets of Wave
4.All Typical characteristics of Impulse Wave
(i) Diagonal
(ii) Extension
(iii) Truncation
5.How to find right wave 3rd with the help of some regular indicators.
6. Essential Correction construction of Wave.
(i) Zig - Zag
(iii) Triangle
(iv) Combination (Double and Triple)
6. Guidelines of Wave Formation
(i) Alternation
(ii) Wave Equality
(iii) Channeling
(iv) Volume
7. Ratio Analysis and Fibonacci Sequence
(i) Retracement
(ii) Retracement in Impulse
(iii) Retracement in Corrective
8.Wolfe Wave Theory
(i) Introduction
(ii) Types of Wolfe Wave
(iii) Rules of Bullish Wolfe Wave
(iv) Rules of Bearish Wolfe Wave
9. Valid and Invalid Wolfe Wave
(i) Difference in Elliott Wave & Wolfe Wave.
(iv) Rule of Corrective Waves
10. Wave Development in all time frame.


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Program Schedule & Duration :
3 Days Weekend Program (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
Morning 10.00 AM to Evening 5.00 PM ( With Lunch and Tea Breaks)
Scheduled : 29 Sept To 1st Oct 2018
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Fees: Rs.25000+18% GST Only

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