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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

This slogan definitely holds well in your case where excellence has become a habit.

The way you have created FALCON7 definitely calls for a standing ovation by the people who want to make it a habit of creating wealth every time they sit in front of FALCON7. I once again congratulate you and your whole team for making FALCON7 a money minting solution.

- Jagdish Sarda

It has made me a professional trader

Falcon is where I have found that charts speak lively to the level by which we can buy, sell, hold, and book profits. It has made me a professional trader. I generate my own calls and can definitely tell you that you will be hundred steps ahead of an ordinary share trader/share broker. The service that the Falcon staff gives is excellent at all times. All the best!

- Mr. Jagdish Sarda

This is to compliment you and your Company for developing such a nice solution

This is to compliment you and your Company for developing such a nice service.

I have been using your Falcon3 that has been working fine and producing the necessary results. I am really happy with the service and in particular with the service and personal attention extended by you. Thanks & Regards

- Atul Vyas, Mumbai

I am so pleased that I tell my clients about it

I am a Technical hand using FALCON regularly since a long period. It works quite well. I am so pleased with the system that I share its qualities even with my clients. I always stick with the system. Thanks

- Mukesh Gupta, Individual, Delhi

I love Pattern Search

Dear Reliable Team

I am very pleased with the services offered by you. I love Pattern Search module in Falcon. I salute your development team for their efforts on Pattern Search. I want you all to include other missing studies also.

Very thankful to you and your Team. Thanking You

- Nikkie Sharma

Value for Money

Thanks to Reliable for proving such a Value for money charting solutions like Trend7 and Falcon7, with a nice supporting team.

Thank you.

- Pramod Raj

Falcon7, the new avatar of Falcon3

You shall feel in your own experience - Falcon7 is the most powerful live technical analysis software in India!

Falcon7, the new avatar of Falcon3, comes with many new features and a whole new muscle and teeth.

-Mr. Milind Masrani

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